Spelling and Word Study

了解更多关于英语拼写系统的知识, how spelling supports reading, 为什么患有阅读障碍和书写困难的孩子会挣扎, which words should be taught, and word study instruction that works.

更新你的拼写和单词学习指导! Try the Spelling module in our free, self-paced online course, 阅读101:阅读与写作教学指南.



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Our PBS Series:
Launching Young Readers

Vivica Fox

Learn more about spelling patterns, invented spelling, and how writing, spelling, and reading reinforce each other.

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在这些引人入胜的圆桌讨论中,倾听、观察并向顶级专家学习. 每个网络广播包括一个60分钟的视频,以及推荐的阅读材料和建议的讨论问题.

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