Finding Help

有阅读困难的孩子受益于所有孩子受益的东西——为他们量身定做的优秀阅读指导. But sometimes kids who struggle need more.

Several people may be able to provide your child with extra help:

  • Classroom teachers


  • School specialists

    Specialists at your school — such as the reading specialist, speech/language pathologist, 或者是特殊教育老师,可以提供额外的帮助

  • Tutors

    The school, another organization, 或者私人家教可以为你的孩子提供阅读练习或更深入的帮助

  • Professionals in private practice

    教育心理学家和其他私人执业的专业人士可能能够提供评估, diagnosis, and/or a plan for helping your child

  • Reading clinics

    大学和私人阅读诊所可以提供评估, diagnosis, and/or a plan for helping your child

来自私人教师和学校以外的其他人的帮助可能是非常有效的,但也相当昂贵. Some public school services, which are free, 只有在孩子被诊断患有学习障碍时才提供, the most common of which is difficulty with language and reading.

If you suspect your child may have a learning disability (or ADHD), the best place to begin seeking help is your child's school. Public schools have professionals trained to make a diagnosis. They do not charge a fee for these services.

If you disagree with the school's diagnosis, 你有权要求进一步的检测或寻求私人执业的专业人士的诊断. Similarly, if the school does not think it necessary to assess your child, 你可能需要从私人诊所的专业人士那里寻求诊断.

Remember, 为了有资格获得特殊教育服务或住宿, 你的孩子必须有明确的诊断,表明他或她有学习障碍,符合法律规定的标准. In general, 联邦法律规定,当一个人的残疾严重干扰了他的主要生活活动,比如学习时,他就有资格获得住宿. 大多数州使用的标准与孩子的能力和成就之间的差异有关. 联邦法律也明确规定了必须提供哪些特殊教育设施.



Sometimes kids just need an extra dose of reading help. 许多学校提供辅导支持,包括一对一的阅读指导. 为了确保你的学校有一个高质量的辅导项目,问这些问题:

  • How are the tutors trained?


  • What is the structure of the tutoring session?


  • How frequently will my child receive tutoring?

    每周至少进行两次辅导,每次45 - 60分钟. Some students will need more.

  • Are the students assessed regularly to determine progress?

    A reading specialist should supervise the assessment program.

  • What types of materials are used during the tutoring sessions?


  • 辅导课程的内容是否支持孩子的课堂教学?

    It should.

  • Does the content address my child's specific needs?

    If your child sounds out words well but struggles with vocabulary, the tutor should spend more time on word meanings than phonics.


Special education

Even with good classroom teaching and extra help, 你的孩子可能会继续为阅读而挣扎. 特殊教育可能是答案——法律要求有学习障碍的学生接受特殊教育.

The special education process includes these steps:

  • Referral


  • Evaluation

    With input from you and your child's teacher, 由学校专业人员组成的团队对您的孩子进行全面评估. This same team — which may include a school psychologist, a speech-language pathologist, 阅读专家会检查结果,以确定你的孩子是否有资格接受特殊教育服务.

  • Eligibility

    If your child is eligible, 您和学校团队为您的孩子制定个性化教育计划(IEP), as required by law. 你和学校每年或更频繁地审查IEP及其对孩子进步的影响.

    If your child is ineligible, continue to push the school for help. If your child is not eligible but still struggles with reading, the school must figure out what will work for your child. You can also turn to private testing.

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